To list on Google is as easy as just following the simple steps that are provided once you have gained access with your username and password.

After payment, we will supply you with a username and password to log in on https://list-on

Type in username an password and log in:

On the left you will see it says Directory, click on it and then click on Add new listing
The page will open and all you need to do is to fill in your advert which you had to complete on Notepad.
Remember to always fill in your title on each page as this is the most important part of any advert.
Below you will see a sample advert we did for a plumber in Randburg
The four decriptions markerd A,B,C,D is your excerpt on every page that is the 2nd most important part of any advert, You can always change the excerpt to any of A,B,C or D
Load up to 8 photos on each advert under images, the first always need to be your logo, if it has all contact details on even better .
Choose where on the directory you want to be, in case of a plumber it will be Industrial services and just tick it
Copy and paste your tags in “Add directory tags”
Once done click on publish and your add will appear on the websites front end
Below is the example of an advert for plumbers in randburg

This is the Title : Plumber in Randburg, Johannesburg at Randburg Plumbers (082 800 0000) on

This is a completed advert for plumbers

Plumber in Randburg, Johannesburg at Randburg Plumbers (082 800 0000) on

Contact Details:

Business Name: Ranburg Plumbers
Contact Person: Koos vd Merwe
Cell No: 082 800 0000
Email: randburgplumbers@randburgplumbers {All the contact details should be completed where the page ask to do it again)
Address: Randburgdrive no 177 Randburg, Johannesbug

About Randburg Plumbers in Rndburg, Johannesburg ( Here you tell us a little about your company)

Welcome to Rndburg Plumbers. Koos vd Merwe started the company in 1995 with only 1 vehicle and two technicians, over the past 20 years we have grown to a massive organization with 15 vehicles and a staff compliment of almost 50 employees. We service all the major suburbs of Johannesburg, including Randburg, Fourways, Sandton, Loneill, Roodepoort and Fourways. WE offer our service 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. We are pleased that you chose to visit our page. Our approved Randburg plumbing company is the city’s number one choice for reliable and affordable home and office solutions. We have been in this line of work for many years and have in the process built up a steady client list that relies on our plumbing service. Our clients appreciate our attention and care, our affordable costs, and our always excellent results. This is as a result of our extensive training- a prerequisite for all our staff- and our zeal to produce desirable results in each project that we work on. Our unfaltering dedication is what separates us from the fly-by-night companies offering similar services to ours: we only head home when you’re totally satisfied with the work we’ve done. We have the skill and expertise to fix all kinds of home and office issues, like bathroom repairs and blocked pipes. You can also depend on our services at any day and at any time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’ve any question on the services that we provide or you’d like to get a totally free, no-obligation estimate, then contact us today on 082 800 0000

Excerpt or description of page: (You can add any of A,B,C or D in the excerpt of the page) ( copy any of A-D and paste in the excerpt block)

a) Looking for the best plumber in Ranburg, Johannesburg is now as easy as contacting Ranburg Plumbers on (082 800 0000) in Randburg, Johannesburg, or visit their website on They have the most comprehensive list of plumbing services available in the Randburg, Johannesburg area.

b) Whether you are looking for a geyser replacement company or a company to unblocked blocked pipes in Randburg the only plumber you need to call is Rndburg Plumbers in Ranburg, they have the most comprehensive list of plumbing services in Randburg. Contact them today on https://

c) Finding an affordable Plumber in Randburg is as easy as contacting Ranburg Plumbers (082 800 000) in Randburg, they offer any plumbing services and repairs in Ranburg, whether it be the installion for a new house or maintenace and repairs on existing properties. You can find them on

d) Situated in Randburg drive no 177, Ranburg plumbers are the best plumbing contractors in Randburg , we offer any plumbing related services to the greater Johannesburg aea an offer our sevices on a 24/7 hour basis. Try as for all your plumbing requirements, all jobs are finished in the same working day where possible.

Services offered by Randburg Plumbers in Randburg Johannesburg ( Tell us all the services you offer)

Unblock blocked pipes in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Pipe leak repairs in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Geyser replacements in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Solar geysers supplies in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Geyser repairs in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Plumbing Contractors in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000
Plumbing Services in Randburg at randburg plumbers on 082 800 0000

Tags: Copy and paste these tags into the “Add directory tags”

Plumbers in Randburg, Plumbing contractors in Randburg, Geyser replacements in Randburg, Plumbing in Randburg, Pipe leak repairs in Randburg, Geyser repairs in Randburg, Leak detection in Randburg, Unblock blocked drains in Randburg, Solar Geysers in Randburg

Social media tags related to Plumbers in Randburg

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TO CHANCE AND BUILD A NEW ADVERT IS VERY EASY, COPY AND PASTE THIS ADVERT ON NOTEPAD ON YOUR COMPUTER, CLICK ON EDIT, THEN CLICK ON REPLACE. CHANGE THE WORD PLUMBERS TO PLUMBING CONTRACTORS AND CLICK ON REPLACE ALL. CHANGE RNDBURG TO FOURWAYS AND CLICK ON REPLACE ALL. (Read the entire ad and make sure everything make sense). Now your next ad has been completed, Copy and Paste it and load load it up by following the same procedures. Do not exceed one advert per day to prevent spamming.