Dear Clients

This page is for clients who do not honour their agreement with us. In terms of th consumer protection act, if you are not happy with our services, yous hould give us at least 30 days notice. Lots of clients let us do the work and once their adverts are up they just refuse to pay us

Other clients use us for a month or two  and then claim they got no business from us, we sell exposure and not business, Google and all other online companies are doing the exact same thing. It is our work to get your name out on the internet, that being the reason why we add a hit counter to every single advert we do.

We work really hard to try and keep clients happy,  you will nowhere buy online exposure for the price we offer. We get sometimes more hits in a day than other popular sites get in a month. In 2019 alone we lost more than R300k due to non payment. Read our terms and conditions or else you will find yourself on the Hall of Shame.


  1.  GL Fencing on

We were contacted by the owner of this company and asked what we could do for him for R500,00 a month. We accepted the work on the condition that he will stay with us for at least four months. ( We have all the corresponce as evidence)Month 1 we were paid, month 2 the client refused to pay and refuse to give notice. We gave proof that our adverts do appear on Google but were blatantly ignored. what we are concerned about is if you pay this client a deposit to do work for you, how sure are you he will do the work if he cannot even pay us R500,00. If you need a fencing company in your area, please contact us, we will find a reputable contractor who will provide in your needs