Welcome to the Homepage of HBSSA representing List on Google and South African Business Indexing

As our name indicates we aim to list business on List on Google and South African Business Indexing.

Our aim is to give businesses maximum exposure through http://list-on-google.co.za,  http://hbssa.co.za  and 5 social media platforms

To receive the maximum exposure on Google and Social Media you have to find ways to get people to notice your website and or business with techniques that will not cost you an arm and a leg. We hope that you will soon see this is who we is and what we do. On Google you will only find people who are in need of your services, we refer to it as targeted marketing, on social media we refer to it as exposure media where millions can see you business. We have massive platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. In total we believe our exposure capasity is far over 10 million recipients at the moment.

The first thing as a business or website owner you should do is visit https://checkpagerank.net to test your website or businesses performance. If you have a WEAK rating it means you need us.

How does Google really work?

Google is about content, the better you can write content about your website or to promote your business with, the better the chances are to get business.

Content is keywords those are the words that explain your business best to the Google Crawlers, your content should be very specific, you need to tell Google and Social media what you do, where you do it, the name of you business, your phone number and website address if you have on.. If you are a plumber this is what Google is looking for

Plumber in Randburg, Johannesburg at Randburg Plumbers (082 800 0000) on https://randburgplumbers.co.za.

The crawlers read you are a plumber in Randburg, Johannesburg with your business name (Randburg Plumbers with a contact number) and lastly your websites name. In one sentence we gave the crawlers 6 bits of very important information about your business). The title in any promotion is of utmost importance.

The second most important ingredient in any online campaign is to give the page a very good description of what the page is about, here is an example:

Looking for the best plumber in Ranburg, Johannesburg is now as easy as contacting Ranburg Plumbers on (082 800 0000) in Randburg, Johannesburg, or visit their website on https://randburgplumbers.co.za. They have the most comprehensive list of plumbing services available in the Randburg, Johannesburg area.

Each online campaign should not have more than 15 keywords, we will supply you with the best keywords we receive from Google. you can get anything between 200 and 500 keywords.

You also need directory tags, tags are strong keywords the crawlers use to identify what you are about and linked to a specific area, see below the example:

Plumbers in Randburg, Plumbing contractors in Randburg, Geyser replacements in Randburg, Plumbing in Randburg, Pipe leak repairs in Randburg. With your anchor text (main heading in your title) which is Plumbers in Ranburg you can feed the crawlers with another 10 very strong keywords on one online campaign or advert.

For  social media we recommend you to use the following tags,  @ and  #  on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest , see example below:

@Google, @Twitter,@Facebook, @Instagram, @Pinterest, @Plumbers, @Plumbingcontractors, @Geyserreplacements, @Plumbing, @Pipeleakrepairs, @Blockeddrains, @Plumbingservices, @Plumbingrepairs

#Google, #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Pinterest, #Plumbers, #Plumbingcontractors, #Geyserreplacements, #Plumbing, #Pipeleakrepairs, #Blockeddrains, #Plumbingservices, #Plumbingrepairs

In short this is what effective online marketing and social marketing is.  Each campaign or advert are automatically posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. It is our platforms and they grow by the thousands each month.

Our  Advertising Packages.

Bronze Plan:                    R399,00 a year for a once off listing every month.
Silver Plan:                      R399,00 a month  for  four listings every month    (Most Popular )
Gold Plan:                       R995,00 a year for two listings a week.
Platinum Plan:               R995,00 a month and we will cover every single keyword on your behalf  for up to 200 keywords a year. ( For businesses knowing the value of advertising)

How cost effective is our marketing strategies? You should stay with us a year to see your desired results, but you can cancel anytime by just giving 30 days notice.. After the first advert we supply yu your own username an password, now you can upload as many as you like and we do the others as agreed on the package you chose.

By following these simple guidelines you will se huge improvements because of the use of maximum number of keywords and targeting millions on social media. IN BUSINES IS A SAYING: “THE MORE EXPOSURE YOU GET THE MORE BUSINESS YOU WILL RECEIVE.


For any further information please feel free to contact Jaco on 068 088 4922 at your earliest convenience.